Infuse your home or office with a wide array of imaginative floral oil paintings. Done in a realistic style with flourishes of bold and captivating colors, my flower paintings bring out every magical detail of each blossom. The flower oil paintings that are for sale epitomize the beauty of a flower that never fades, showcasing an explosion of color from rich jewel tones to light pastels and everything in between. 
Floral artwork not only brings color and exuberance into your life, but ushers in the peace and serenity of a flower garden, meadow or rainforest. Each painting delves into the bright and stunning detail of the flower, giving you a permanent snapshot of color, light and shadow. Few take the time to appreciate nature's most beautiful gems with such closeness, and real flowers don't last long enough to fully take in. Each one of my floral paintings is a careful and elaborate recreation of the flower, with a style that blends the beauty of a photo with the classic allure of a painting. 
Take a look at the artwork for sale and find a stunning hyper-realistic oil painting to hang in your home, adorn your office or to give a special gift to a friend. 

- I create flowers so real you can touch them

Floral Oil Paintings by Bert Liverance

The Art of  Bert Liverance