Floral Oil Paintings Gallery 

Single flower paintings express the magnificent beauty of each blossom, one petal, stem and shade at a time. Flowers are among nature's best and brightest examples of color, shade and texture, creating captivating combinations as they shift between light and shadow. Though flowers are temporary, paint is permanent and my oil paintings take the delicate details and shifting forms and put them on a canvas for everyone to admire. 
I combine hyperrealism with vibrant color to create modern oil paintings of flowers that transcend both photorealism and classic painting. I strive to capture the light and shadow as well as the color and texture of the flower, thereby painting the flower in its natural and most stunning environment. Nothing compares to the magic and serenity of a pure white daisy in full morning light, the crisp elegance of a pink tulip in the newly breaking sun, or the sultry charm of an orchid hiding in the shadows. With extraordinary detail and elegant painted strokes, each painting captures the viewer's curiosity as well as their imagination. 
See the gallery of oil paintings and find a piece perfect for your home or workplace. Add a relaxing and beautiful painting to your lobby or your office or an explosion of natural color to your living room or bedroom. 

The Art of

Bert Liverance